Sprints Gains US Cellular Customers & Network

Sprint and US Cellular closed a deal to get the 20MHz, 10MHz spectrum and 420,000 plus customers. Now if all of these customers convert to Sprint post paid this could really help their subscribers base. I will bet your bottom dollar that this deal was mostly about acquiring a larger spectrum. They are determine to catch up with the big two. Sprint is currently offering a $150 credit for customers who switch from US Cellular in the affected areas. Read the full PR release below….

Sprint Closes Transaction to Acquire U.S. Cellular Spectrum and Customers in the Midwest

Additional spectrum will significantly increase Sprint’s network capacity and further improve the customer experience in Chicago, St. Louis and other Midwest markets

Wide variety of offers and incentives available to affected customers in impacted markets

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), May 17, 2013 – Sprint (NYSE: S) today completed its transaction with U.S. Cellular (NYSE: USM) to acquire 20MHz of PCS spectrum in various Midwest markets including Chicago, South Bend, Ind., and Champaign, Ill., and 10MHz of PCS spectrum in the St. Louis market. The additional spectrum will significantly increase Sprint’s network capacity and further improve the customer experience in these markets. In addition, the transaction includes approximately 420,000 U.S. Cellular customers.

Sprint and U.S. Cellular have already notified affected customers and Sprint will send them additional information on the exact timing and details of the transition which will last several months. Sprint and its Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and payLo prepaid brands are providing special offers and incentives for affected customers that significantly reduce the cost of acquiring a new device to transition from the U.S. Cellular network. In many cases, affected customers can switch from their current device to a similar or better Sprint or prepaid device for little or no cost and with a wide variety of contract or non-contract plans. Affected customers will not be charged an Early Termination Fee when switching their service. During the months-long transition period, U.S. Cellular’s network will remain active and affected customers may continue to use U.S. Cellular for their wireless service while evaluating their options.

“We know how important good value, network performance and excellent service are to these customers and Sprint has a wide portfolio of competitive devices, prepaid options, an improved 3G and growing 4G LTE network experience, and unlimited data, text and voice plans to meet their wireless needs,” said Paget, Sprint chief sales officer. “We want their business and are motivated to make the transition as seamless as possible.”

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