Is Sprint’s LTE Network Taking To Long To Roll Out?

This is an opinion post that I wanted to be all about what the customers are thinking. So for those of you located in a non LTE wanna know how long have you been waiting. Sprint launched there first LTE markets in July 2012 its almost one year later and Sprint is in 80+ markets. Now even thought thats a great deal from the initial 15 markets but when you compare apples to apples. You have the competitors like Verizon who when Sprint started their 4G LTE quest they already had 304 markets. Now a year later their in 497 markets. What take Sprint so long you might ask?

The technology wasn’t widely used in the latter part of 2012. While I do anticipate customer will flock to Sprint once they have excused a larger LTE footprint. I wanna know what you guys think ?

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