Apple Round Up Report: All The Stories Rumors & Fact Leading Up To Tommorows Event

The closer we get to tomorrows event at Apple’s Flint Center for the Performing Arts auditorium the more leaks. So far we have.


  1. Phone cameras are being taped with special tamper proof tape which changes colors if removal is attempted.1
  2. “If it changes color, we’ll be fired on the spot,” said one person who is working at the show but asked to remain anonymous.
  3. 24 hour security detail
  4. Auditorium with “state of the art” lock down capabilities
  5. The team that was flown in by Apple from the UK cannot have contact with any of the show workers
  6. “There are no communications in or out,”the staffer said.
  7. “Everyone thinks Apple is tapping our phones and monitoring what we say. Everyone is super-paranoid.”


  1. Apple has booked high amounts of shipping space out of China with Fedex & UPS 2
  2. Competing manufacturers have apparently been told by shipping companies that they cannot fulfill their deadlines because they were being booked by a “very important customer”, which is likely to be Apple.
  3. This shipping is displacing competitors shipping date which may cause a launch delay as well

Model Size Release Dates

  1. There has been a back and forth regarding whether both the iPhone 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch would launch at the same time
  2. Citing supply constraints has been on rumor
  3. The iPhone 6 (called iPhone 6 Plus) may be released in October
  4. The October month was stated by Bloomberg Report as well as KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo

First Review Videos Of iPhone 6 (Plus as it may be called)



  1. There is expect to be a live demonstration outside after the event tomorrow 9/9/14 3
  2. The SDK was seeded “very recently” to these developers, and Apple likely wants to demonstrate some third-party wearable apps at Tuesday’s event
  3. “A small handful of high-profile social network and services companies with apps on the iPhone and iPad App Store have already been seeded with a pre-release version of the Apple SDK (Software Development Kit) for wearables under strict non-disclosure agreements. A small handful of high-profile social network and services companies”
  4. Fashion bloggers as well as fashion experts were send invitation

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