Deal Days: Samsung Galaxy Note II $49 For New Customers $149 For Existing

Amazon is always pumping out the best discounts for Sprint across the web. It’s like Amazon is partially giving the Samsung Galaxy Note II for free at the price tag of $49.99 for new customers . If you are interested go check it out by clicking on the link  Samsung Galaxy Note II, Titanium (Sprint).

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Bringing you another hot deal days. The HTC One is now on sale with Amazon. For new customers it is $79.99 and $99.99 for upgrades. Go check out Amazon for some of the most in expensive smartphones on the market.

Deal Days: Best Buy Giving A $50 Gift Card If You Upgrade In 2013

This is an amazing promo. Best Buy is giving Sprint customers along with the other three carriers a $50 dollar gift card with an upgrade or new 2 year contract renewal. There’s only two restriction the activation has to be done after 2/10/13 but before 12/31/13 and has be done either online or in store with a upgrade or new 2 year agreement. PS You can use it to sign up for the Blackberry 10 that’s coming!!!!

The Leak: Sprint Offering $400 In Device Credits

The leaked document above states that Sprint has began offering people who bring over at lease one or more lines from a competing carrier a $400 device credit that can be used instantly. Im exciting and I hope its brings the customer boost they are looking for. There are however a few qualifications and stipulations they are as follow:

  • Independently Liable customers must activative 3-5 new handsets on new lines of service
  • At least one line must be a port-in from another carrier
  • All phone must be activated on an Everything Share or Simply Everything Share plan
  • Tablets , Accessories and Mobile Network devices dont count as the three device minimum
  • $400 Device Credit can only be used on Devices

Deal Days: Sprint HTC EVO LTE For $0.01

Amazon Wireless is killing it this shopping season. They have had some of the most amazing deals this winter. Now they bring us the HTC EVO 4G LTE for just one cent yeah you heard me $0.01.  The phone is available at that price for both new customers and upgrades which makes the deal 10 times better. The device was recently given the Jelly Bean 4.1 upgrade so its a really sweet deal.


Deal Days: iPhone 5 For $127 & iPhone 4s $47

According to reports Walmart and Best Buy price slashing comes at a great surprise. The news come quickly after “UBS analyst announced he was lowering his iPhone sales estimates for 2013, saying he expects Apple to sell 5 million fewer phones than his previous estimate for each of the next three quarters”. Walmart stated the sale will be going on from Monday December 17,2012 to January 16, 2013.